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 Coton Cottage Cotons Are Always Willing To Please

Coton Cottage Cotons Are Always Willing To Please


The Coton de Tulear is a rare breed.  Only recently fully accepted by the AKC.  Our Coton’s are not registered with the AKC, we register with the FCI or UKC [ UKC with FCI standards ]. The FCI officially accepted the breed into their kennel club in 1970.  The UKC date of officially recognizing the breed was on January 1st, 1996.

A gross misconception in the Coton de Tulear world is that the AKC has a DNA test to prove that a Coton de Tulear is a Coton de Tulear.  That is totally incorrect.  See the official web site on the link we are providing you   The Coton de Tulear should possess a base coat of “white”, solid coat color other than white, white and crème and tri color are not listed with the FCI, the UKC, ARBA or the AKC.

 The Coton de Tulear was banned from exporting from the island of Madagascar in 1992 due to the threat of extinction. Europeans have had the breed in their individual countries since 1960’s, if not earlier.  Our Coton de Tulear have blood lines exclusively from Europe previously from Madagascar.  Keep in mind that France’s presence in the western Indian Ocean dates to the early seventeenth century. The French established a settlement in southern Madagascar in 1634 and occupied the islands of Reunion and Rodrigues.  The French recognized the Coton de Tulear many years ago.  Written history about Madagascar in the 17th century mentions the small dog with short legs living in the wild.  

In the 17th century Sir Etienne de Flacourt [1607-1660] the French governor of Madagascar, born in Orleans in 1607, he was named the governor of Madagascar by the French East Indian Company in 1648. Sir de Flacourt was a governor, historian and surveyor in Madagascar. In the 17th century Sir de Flacourt wrote about the dogs he saw in Madagascar “there are a lot of dogs that are small with a long nose and short legs, they look like foxes, some are white, some have small patches of mild color, the dogs are used for hunting the wild pigs”. Sir de Flacourt wrote a book in 1658 “Historie de la grande isle de Madagascar” first edition 1658, 2nd edition 1661.

Coton de Tulear Puppies Due In The Winter of 2015

Currently Taking Reservations/Deposits

Injections Current, Dew Claws Removed, Three Veterinarian Exams, Microchip Implant And Written Health Guarantee

Parents Imported From Europe – Strictly Champion Lineage, Healthy, Socialized, Excellent Temperaments And Gorgeous

  References Available  —  928.499.0717 or 937.248.5811

“Cotons In Our Lives Since 1999”



Strictly Imported Parents [ Sire and Dam Coton de Tulear ]  FCI Registration

 The FCI Is The Worlds Largest Canine Organization

 928.499.0717 or 937.248.5811

Yes, we have puppies available see our PUPPIES PAGE for photos and information. 

Blood Lines From Coton de Tulear Breeding Stations In Europe

Woodland Cottage Europe

Cotonbrie In Europe

Cartoonland In Europe

Blue Moon Cottage In Europe

Kelnot Toliary In Europe


  • Health Testing Completed On All Three Of Our Coton de Tulears
  • FCI Registered
  • Excellent healthy bloodlines
  • All bloodlines of Europe
  • Champion lineage
  • International Champion lineage titles
  • Grand Champion title
  • WORLD Champion Title
  • WORLD Champion Title and BEST of Coton de Tulear Breed

Hello — if  you are interested in a pure bred, healthy, happy and well adjusted from birth Coton de Tulear puppy please feel free to call or write to us.  We service the entire USA, offer delivery of our Coton de Tulear puppies to an international airport near your home/location from our hands to yours.  Reference available upon request to those who have a serious interest in our Coton de Tulear puppies.   Photos and bloodlines supplied to interested parties, we only allow adoptions to non breeding homes.  Life time support and over 60 years combined experience in show, handling, agility, obedience with dogs and owning and raising farm animals.  No in line breeding, no mixing of the breed past, present or in the future. Life time support and health guarantee.  Questions please feel free to ask.  928.499.0717.

Our Mission Statement

We are not members of a Coton de Tulear club.  Our mind set is that an “ethical, honest and trustworthy breeder”  should be natural and honest behavior, plus possessing  a deep devoted love and admiration for a breed.  A club or membership does not create a breeder with those attributes –and is not “obtained” by a club membership or by having club members and authorities overseeing the breeder, or by imposing fines and punishment by the club to make sure breeder members are living up to a clubs written standard. Not everyone can be a ethical breeder.  You must be willing to serve unlimited hours of work and care around the clock no matter the day of the week, then with puppies care the time factor increases profoundly.  There is no fixed hours when working and nurturing the dam and puppies. It requires devotion, and an unlimited budget for expenses.  Feeding your animals an excellent food source, health testing, yearly evaluations and health examinations,  socialization, training [puppies] and spending quality time with your animals.  Care and attention is primary, health testing in general and normal health care, veterinarian routine visits and inoculations


If you are seeking a solid black coat, silver, gray, tan, chocolate with chocolate pigment, brown, brindle, black and white  Coton de Tulear [ remember always that the Coton de Tulear pure breed has a diluting gene making the hair fade as they mature their hair color should never at any point be solid in color other than white and tri color]—or a tall Coton, or 5 pound [ adult weight ]  petite Coton de Tulear we do not have designer breeds.   Our adult Coton de Tulear we imported from Europe, no mixing of the breed or misrepresentation of the breed here.  Cotons in our lives since 1999, researched the breed from 1997 – 1999, a tremendous amount of research within the USA and Europe, in person we saw many different “styles/types” of Coton de Tulears in the USA — that is why we imported our Coton de Tulears.   Registration with the FCI and the UKC, we do not belong to the AKC or register with the AKC, we have always been against the AKC accepting this wonderful exquisite breed.

Our male Coton de Tulear Is A Service Dog and Registered With NSAR, our two girls are therapy dogs.

  • We are HOBBY BREEDERS involved with shows, pet therapy, service dogs, we believe in supplying many sources of history and information of the breed, education in general about life with a canine
  • Having one or two litters yearly
  • Mating’s/breeding takes place at our veterinarians office
  • Imported Sire and Dam with FCI registration – parents are show and breeding quality with full registration at time of being imported
  • Lineage Filled with Champions, International Champion World Titles plus Crufts winner and American titles too
  • Healthy, happy, possessing exceptional temperaments, highly socialized, intelligent, loyal, loving, gentle, superior companions for a family of one or ten
  • Parents health tested, ancestors health tested as well
  • The Coton de Tulear puppy or adult  “light up a room when they walk in”
  • Our Coton de Tulears have went on in life to become K-9 Assisted certified for their owners, certified pet therapy, service canine, also those appearing in advertisements for a pet friendly resort and our retired Maggie Mae is an office mascot for a large dog food manufacturer in Mason, Ohio
  • The Coton de Tulear was accepted by the FCI Kennel Club  on September 2, 1970 in Belgium with France being the country of sponsorship. The FCI originated in 1911, today the FCI is the largest canine organization in the world.  See official information from the FCI regarding the Coton de Tulear.
  • When the general public became aware of the Coton de Tulear there were many designers breeds created to fill the need for the demand of the Coton de Tulear breed by prospective new owners.  Always ask about the imported bloodlines as this breed has not been exported [legally] from the homeland of Madagascar since 1992
  • The breed has been in Europe for several years before it was accepted by the FCI [ kennel club ], in 1970.  Know your Coton de Tulears lineage/ancestry
  • We are not members of a Coton de Tulear club or organization.  We believe to be an ethical, honest and trustworthy Coton de Tulear breeder that should be a natural mind set and overall temperament and disposition of a human being, plus a deep devoted love and admiration for a breed.  A club or membership does not create a breeder with those attributes — it should come naturally and not be “obtained” by a club membership or acquired by joining a group
  • Important reading — we do not use topical treaments [ RX for fleas and ticks, etc ] please read this article we recommend natural cedar oil spray and lavender oil

Coton de Tulear by Slidely Slideshow

Lineage Imported From  Champion & International Champions Lineage And  Health Tested

Pure bred Coton de Tulear puppies born in the world yearly are white or white and creme 66% of births. Tri color coats [ spotted not solid color ]are 33% of births.  Less than 1% are the very, very rare black and white. We have never had the very, very rare black and white [spotted] Coton de Tulear.

Not many veterinarians know of the breed or have seen a Coton de Tulear in person. Not many people in general have knowledge of the breed.

We are not affiliated with nor do we have or validate the solid coat colors of Coton de Tulears, such as the solid black, solid brown, chocolate,  solid tan, brindle, silver/gray  coats.  We have seen this new “trend” in the breed and we do not like what is happening with this awesome breed outlined in the standard/confirmation of the breed with the UKC, ARBA, AKC and other kennel clubs within the United States, these solid coat colors are not mentioned. The key thing to remember is the Coton de Tulear has a diluting gene and that is cause for the darker hair coloring [ tri color ] to fade as they mature into their adult years.   A tri color Coton de Tulear puppy will begin to fade beginning within days of their birth the coat color on the tri color begins to fade — and fast.

If you are just discovering the Coton de Tulear, there is not much history written. History about the breed we found was in Europe. Keep in mind that the French occupied Madagascar for many, many years where the breed is from. The Europeans were the first to export the breed out of Madagascar into Europe as early as the 1950’s, some Europeans note that families owned a Coton in earlier years. The French began asking for the Coton de Tulear admission into the FCI in 1960’s. The FCI finally accepted the breed Coton de Tulear in 1970. The Coton de Tulear breed carry a happy energy about them, but not hyper. They possess a super temperament male or female. Are very intelligent, loyal, loving. They love water starting at a very young age. Often when we have puppies we find baby Cotons standing in their water bowls splashing and walking in the water having fun. Cotons love to snuggle and make great foot warmers in your bed at night. Cotons will follow you around in the house and be involved with what you are doing. They enjoy people of all ages, they have great patience with children and older people. Actually the Coton is a “big dog in a small body”. Very shocking to us when we discovered the Coton de Tulear, we expected all the negative things you hear about small breed dogs, that never happened. Our Cotons are thoroughly health tested, for all known diseases.  Then as well they receive yearly blood panel work, thyroid blood tests, health exams and up dated x-rays, eye testing. The Coton de Tulear does not require frequent/mandatory exercise daily. But they do love to run and act funny and clownish. A Coton de Tulear has hair instead of fur. The Coton de Tulear sheds when groomed, or when brushed/combed, after a bath. The shedding/hair loss is much like human hair.  Now and then we find small hair balls under my sofa or table, but no hair on furniture, clothing. Our Cotons enjoy a holistic dry dog food and vitamins daily.      _____________________________________________


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