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Strictly Imported Foundation Stock No American Bloodlines

Not affiliated with any other breeders or web sites, we are Coton Cottage and

Have questions about the real Coton de Tulear don’t be afraid to ask, call us today.  We have many contacts with professional and ethical breeders in Europe.

Our Coton de Tulears have went on in life to become K-9 Assisted certified for their owners, as well as appearing in advertisements for a resort in Sedona, Arizona.  Also certified as therapy K-9.

Reserve Your Coton de Tulear Puppy Today!

1-2 Litters Yearly. 

NO solid coat colors of brown, tan, black, brindle or chocolate as those coat colors are NOT mentioned in any of the kennel club/registries such as the FCI, the UKC, ARBA, CKC as well as the AKC.

Hands On Experience With The Coton de Tulear Since 1999 With The True Coton

Captivated By The Breed Since 1997

Imported FCI Sire & Dam

Healthy, Happy, Very Intelligent, Gorgeous Cotons with superior temperament

Champion International Champions & Grand of Europe

norman noel

Best companion animal in the World!

Coton de Tulear Collage

Coton de Tulear Collage


Did you know that identity theft is prevalent in the dog world, similar to what happens to humans. Especially with this rare breed.

Read more about identity theft of the Coton de Tulear

Any questions please feel free to ask, we expect everyone to have questions after reading this web site, there is much to read and absorb.

Involved with the Coton de Tulear breed since 1999.

No visitors allowed with our babies until they are at least 7 weeks of age and have received their first puppy injection— recently a new airborne virus is in the area where we live and in various areas of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan; we just will not take chances with our baby Cotons or our three adult Cotons.

Adult/parents and puppies are served Life’s Abundance, an holistic dry dog food, and NuVet vitamins.

Our home is near Dayton, Ohio. We are not a kennel, no dog runs, no out buildings. We are not a puppy mill or broker.

Our pledge – never to mate/bred relatives that is only an invitation for birth defects and other health issues which can occur at birth, in the puppy months or even well into their adult years.

We are committed to happy, highly socialized and well adjusted Coton de Tulear puppies.

Our babies do not receive visitors until they have received their first Parvo/puppy injection, as Parvo is a death sentence to a puppy at any young age.

Our babies live full time [ adults as well ] in our house.  Puppies have heat lamps and special dog heating pads to keep their body temperature safe.  A puppy does not have a chill response until they are between 3-4 weeks of age and are in danger if not kept warm with lights and pads.

We are Coton de Tulear hobby breeders, involved solely for the love, enjoyment and companionship of the breed. Our Coton de Tulear puppies for adoption come with a health guarantee.

Ethical hobby breeders without being involved in a Coton club – we feel that ethical behavior should come naturally not be acquired simply by joining a club!

We do have an application process to find your interest in a Coton de Tulear puppy and your level of experience raising a puppy, we like the transition from our home, then into your life be as smooth as humanly possible.

Find out more about our puppies….


Parents Imported from
Champion & International Champion
Lineage & Health Tested

Pure bred Coton de Tulear puppies born in the world yearly are white or white and creme 66% of births. Tri color coats are 33% of births.  Not many veterinarians know of the breed or have seen a Coton de Tulear in person. Not many people in general have knowledge of the breed.  We are not affiliated with nor do we have or validate the solid coat colors of Coton de Tulears, such as the solid black, solid brown, solid tan, brindle coats.  Our experience is that these are not full blooded ancestry Coton de Tulears.  We have seen this new “trend” in the breed and personally spent time with this type of so called Coton with other breeders and owners —finding they do not possess all the true characteristic – standard – confirmation of the breed.  Just our opinion and that of the standard placed for the breed in 1970 with the FCI in Europe.

If you are just discovering the Coton de Tulear, there is not much history written. History about the breed we found was in Europe. Keep in mind that the French occupied Madagascar for many, many years where the breed is from.

The Europeans were the first to export the breed out of Madagascar into Europe as early as the 1950′s, some Europeans note that families owned a Coton in earlier years.

The French began asking for the Coton de Tulear admission into the FCI in 1960′s. The FCI finally accepted the breed Coton de Tulear in 1970. See

The Coton de Tulear breed carry a happy energy about them, but not hyper. They possess a super temperament male or female. Are very intelligent, loyal, loving. They love water starting at a very young age. Often when we have puppies we find baby Cotons standing in their water bowls splashing and walking in the water having fun.

Cotons love to snuggle and make great foot warmers in your bed at night. Cotons will follow you around in the house and be involved with what you are doing. They enjoy people of all ages, they have great patience with children and older people.

Actually the Coton is a “big dog in a small body”. Very shocking to us when we discovered the Coton de Tulear, we expected all the negative things you hear about small breed dogs, that never happened.

Our Cotons are thoroughly health tested. Receiving yearly blood panel work, thyroid blood tests, health exams and up dated x-rays, eye testing.

The Coton de Tulear does not require frequent/mandatory exercise daily. But they do love to run and act like clowns at time, they are funny and clowish.

A Coton de Tulear has hair instead of fur. The Coton de Tulear sheds when groomed, or when brushed/combed, after a bath. The shedding/hair loss is much like human hair. Now and then we find small hair balls under my sofa or table, but no hair on furniture, clothing.

Our Indy has never had a hair cut or trim — only on his belly.  His hair does not drag the ground.  The hair maintains a certain length naturally.  Amazing process.  Indy is seven years young.


*Micky C*Micky Ceriez of Woodland Cottage, Spain, has retired and is no longer producing her world renown Coton de Tulear puppies. Best wishes to Micky’s retirement in the fall of 2013 – the very best to Micky and her family. We are blessed to have had Micky Ceriez of the one and only legitimate Woodland Cottage of SPAIN as our mentor/friend for many years and super proud to have her babies [ now adults ] in our lives.



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