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100% Coton de Tulear
Only The Real Coton de Tulear
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Sire and Dam Imported From Europe or Canada
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Coton de Tulear The Rare Breed
Hands On Experience With The Coton de Tulear Since 1999
Captivated By The Breed Since 1997
Imported FCI Sire & Dam
Healthy, Happy, Very Intelligent, Gorgeous Cotons
Proud To Say No American Blood Lines
Champion International Champions & Grand
Champions Lineages From World Renown Coton de Tulear

Breeding Stations Of :
Klenot Toliary of Prague
*Woodland Cottage Of Spain, Europe
Domaine De La Rouviere Of Europe
Sprightly Fellow's Of Finland
Cotonbrie, Of Europe
Toliary Stars Of Europe
Mon Coton D'Amour Of Canada

*Micky Ceriez of Woodland Cottage, Spain has retired and is no longer producing her world renown Coton de Tulear puppies. Best wishes to Micky's retirement in the fall of 2013 - the very best to Micky and her family. We are blessed to have had Micky Ceriez of the one and only legitimate Woodland Cottage of SPAIN as our mentor/friend for many years and super proud to have her babies [ now adults ] in our lives.

There are dogs of all types, then there is the Coton de Tulear!
There are dogs of all types, then there is the Coton de Tulear!

Extremely pleasing to the eye as they are to our heart!

norman noel
Best companion animal in the WORLD!



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Often we are asked "what does a Coton de Tulear look like?" or "what is the general appearance of the Coton de Tulear ?" Please take the time to look at the video links below. These are videos of a dog show in Europe held by the FCI [ kennel club]. Contrary to information supplied within the United States the Coton de Tulear was fully accepted into the FCI [ kennel club ] in 1970, thus being the first acceptance of this rare breed by a kennel club in the world. We obtain a letter from the President of the FCI in Europe giving the FCI kennel club history of the Coton de Tulear and the official date of acceptance.

Within the videos you will see what a pure bred Coton de Tulear looks like. As a puppy, junior adult and adult. You will not find solid coat colors of black, solid coats of brown or tan. Additionally, you will not find the "tall Coton de Tulear", or the "very small petite adult five pound" Coton de Tulear. This style of Coton is unheard of in any country other than the United States. The real Coton de Tulear has a base coat of white. The coats should be all white, or white and crème and tri color, then the very, very rare black and white, which is less than 1% of the entire [ pure bred ] population of the Coton de Tulear breed.

The information we are supplying is from more than two years [1997-1999 ] of intense research within the United States, Europe, Finland, Argentina and Brazil, talking to hundreds of Coton de Tulear breeders around the world. Sad to say the Coton has taken many different directions within the United States and most do not have the appearance of a Coton de Tulear, the size of the Coton is off from the standard developed from the European population of the breed in 1970 when it was accepted by the FCI. Additionally, the coat colors should only be a white base coat. Finding a solid black Coton, tan Coton, or brown Coton is like discovering a spotted Labrador Retriever --- some thing is wrong.

Don't be mislead with factious information. Check out
the FCI and get the facts about the breed first. Enjoy !

*FCI Dog Show In Europe 2010 Coton de Tulear
*FCI Dog Show In Europe 2010 Coton de Tulear

Coton Cottage

indy at four months

Photo of our male as a puppy above
Upper photos of him as an adult; notice the dark color
is nearly gone, he is nearly seven years old

Coton de Tulear Puppies For Sale

Parents Imported from
Champion & International Champion
Lineage & Health Tested

Pure bred Coton de Tulear puppies born in the world yearly are white or white and creme 66% of births. Tri color coats are 33% of births and the very rare black and white is 1% of births in the world yearly. Not many veternarians know of the breed or have seen a Coton de Tulear in person. Not many people in general have knowledge of the breed.

If you are just discovering the Coton de Tulear, there is not much history written. History about the breed we found was in Europe. Keep in mind that the French occupied Madagascar where the breed is from.

The Europeans were the first to export the breed out of Madagascar into Europe as early as the 1950's, some Europeans note that families owned a Coton in earlier years.

The French began asking for the Coton de Tulear admission into the FCI in 1960's. The FCI accepted the breed Coton de Tulear in 1970. See www.fci.be

The Coton de Tulear breed carry a happy energy about them, but not hyper. They possess a super temperament male or female. Are very intelligent, loyal, loving. They love water starting at a very young age. Often when we have puppies we find little Cotons standing in their water bowls splashing and walking in the bowl as if it is a baby pool.

Cotons love to snuggle and make great foot warmers in your bed at night. Cotons will follow you around in the house and be involved with what you are doing. They enjoy people of all ages, they have great patience with children and older people.

Actually the Coton is a "big dog in a small body". Very shocking to us when we discovered the Coton de Tulear, we expected all the negative things you hear about small breed dogs, that never happened.

Our Cotons are thoroughly health tested. Receiving yearly blood panel work, thyroid blood tests, health exams and up dated x-rays, eye testing.

The Coton de Tulear does not require frequent/mandatory exercise daily. But they do love to run and act like clowns at time, they are funny critters to say the least.

A Coton de Tulear has hair instead of fur. The Coton de Tulear sheds when groomed, or when brushed/combed, after a bath. The shedding/hair loss is much like human hair. Now and then I find small hair balls under my sofa or table, but no hair on furniture, clothing.

Please click these links below to see each kennel club registration standard/confirmation for the Coton de Tulear.

*The UKC Standard for the Coton de Tulear

*The ARBA Standard for the Coton de Tulear

*The FCI Standard for the Coton de Tulear

*The AKC-FSS standard for the Coton de Tulear



Did you know that identity theft is prevalent in the dog world, similar to what happens to humans. Especially with this rare breed.

We are writing about this due to all the inquires we have asking about Woodland Cottage, Cartoonland, Cotonbrie, Blue Moon Cottage and other European Coton de Tulear breeding stations. These well known Coton de Tulear breeders/kennels of Europe do not sell their bloodlines to breeders that mix the breed or to puppy mills or unscrupulous breeders. Often we hear about Cotons sold inexpensively that are designer breeds presented as Coton de Tulears.

If you see a puppy with Woodland Cottage of Spain or Cartoonland of France, Cotonbrie of Europe or other well established kennels of Europe --- research and ask questions or request proof of the imported lineage. The imported Coton de Tulear has FCI registration. Number one is the expense to purchase and import a Coton de Tulear; the red tape, importing process and purchase of the full FCI registration is very expensive. Not many people are willing to invest the amount of money for a puppy to raise and then wait for health testing and hope that the Coton is perfect to confirmation to bred. Just because the parents are show and breeding quality there is no guarantee that a puppy will be perfect like his/her parents. That is why breeders opt out and mate a Coton de Tulear with another breed, it is the inexpensive way to go. Instead they choose a Yorkshire Terrier, Havanese, Poodle, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu to mate and have puppies, then sell to unsuspecting buyers.

Breeders use the well known name kennels to drive their prices up and they defraud the general public that is unaware of the fake kennel names.

We constantly hear about puppies available with outstanding bloodlines for one third the price of a true full blooded Coton de Tulear and we have seen expensive Cotons with fake bloodlines/pedigrees too.

We recommend that you contact the breeder in Europe and ask if the name of the dog with their kennel name is legitimate, was the dog exported to the USA. If it is a fake pedigree they will be more than happy to help as they want to find these breeders committing fraud on their behalf. BUYER BEWARE !

In the 17th century Sir Etienne de Flacourt [1607-1660] the French governor of Madagascar, born in Orleans in 1607, he was named the governor of Madagascar by the French East Indian Company in 1648. Sir de Flacourt was a governor, historian and surveyor in Madagascar. In the 17th century Sir de Flacourt wrote about the dogs he saw in Madagascar "there are a lot of dogs that are small with a long nose and short legs, they look like foxes, some are white, some have small patches of mild color, the dogs are used for hunting the wild pigs. Sir de Flacourt wrote a book in 1658 "Historie de la grande isle de Madagascar" first edition 1658, 2nd edition 1661.

Births normally include White puppies, White and Crème and Tri Color Coton de Tulear babies.

Any questions please feel free to ask, we expect everyone to have questions after reading this web site, there is much to read and absorb .

Adult/parents and puppies are served Life's Abundance, an holistic dry dog food, and NuVet vitamins. Usually great for those with allergies [ our own personal experience and those of many others ].

Cotons possess beauty, grace and totally pleasure to the eye and your heart --- true companions. Cotons are not a wimpy breed, they like to play, run and enjoy walks, like the snow too, the breed is hardy! Extremely low shedding of their hair.

No visitors allowed with our babies until they are at least 7 weeks of age and have received their first puppy injection--- recently a new airborne virus is in the area where we live and in various areas of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan; we just will not take chances with our baby Cotons or our three adult Cotons.

Brushing/combing needs to be done every other day or every third day --- if you use a high quality brush and comb the process is quick and very simple to do in less than five minutes. We begin teaching our babies with the grooming/combing process at 3.5-4.0 weeks of age, trim their nails, comb and brush their hair. Coton de Tulear hair can be with a slight wave never curly.

Our home is near Dayton, Ohio. We are not a kennel, there are no dog runs, no out buildings. We are not a puppy mill or broker.

Our pledge - never to mate/bred relatives that is only an invitation for birth defects and other health issues which can occur at birth, in the puppy months or even well into their adult years. We are committed to happy, highly socialized and well adjusted Coton de Tulear puppies.

We are Coton de Tulear hobby breeders, involved solely for the love, enjoyment and companionship of the breed. Our Coton de Tulear puppies for adoption come with a health guarantee

Ethical without being involved in a Coton Club - we feel that ethical behavior should come naturally not be acquired simply by joining a club!

We do have an application process to find your interest in a Coton de Tulear puppy and your level of experience raising a puppy, we like the transition from our home, then into your life be as smooth ashumanly possible.

Having your puppy spayed or neutered is part of the puppy health agreement. All injections, health exam, de-worming [RX] completed by a state licensed veternarian, plus a full medical exam before they depart for their new home.

House breaking started at six weeks of age, trained to go outside, we never introduce newspaper, training pads, sand boxes or pee stations to our puppies.

The Dam is allowed to wean her babies, we don't get involved with the weaning process, but when it starts we begin to feed the babies a liquid form of Life's Abundance dry dog food several times a day.

We begin daily socialization and bonding with the babies on the day they are born, including Reiki. The puppies receive the Campbell's Test at six weeks of age, this is a temperament/behavioral test

Our Coton babies never leave before they are at least 9.5 weeks of age and eating dry dog food on their own without any encouragement.

Our babies and Mom are in the whelping area with clean sheets, towels and bedding changed often and around the clock.

A hobby breeder must always place the animals in top priority, every hour of every day, as we are their exclusive care givers.

We are true believers in the natural and homeopathic process towards our Cotons,sadly there are many virus and diseases in the dogs environment that must be addressed with the conventional injections and medical treatments. Our belief is to serve the Cotons a healthy dry dog food and not give them any packaged products that ask a human to wash their hands after serving to their animals !

The adult Cotons have yearly blood testing, complete physicals and x-rays, required injections. And licensed by the county we reside.

And our second suggestion with a puppy is not to train a puppy or adult dog with treats/food. There is no correct way to work with food and dogs. Dogs can become "food driven" and we are against puppies and adult dogs "begging for treats/food/bait". It is a pleasure to have a puppy or adult dog that does not get excited when someone is in the kitchen or eating at a table.

Play time outside, socialization in the house and one on one time while relaxing watching TV or just sitting on the front porch or outside in general. Our Cotons and babies are exposed to the vaccum, hair dryer, TV, phone ringing, doors opening and closing, the wash machine, dryer and fans blowing in the summer months, tractor and lawn mower being used on our property. We expose them to all the normal every day sounds of a household.

We begin house breaking the puppies at six weeks of age, the process is around the clock.

We love sharing the Coton de Tulear experience with others. We have tons of memories and experiences that could never be duplicated or forgotten. Our Cotons keep us active, happy and alert. That is why we find placing a Coton with another family or indiviudal their lives will be fuller and they will have a companion for many years to come.

History of the ancestors health and temperament and ancestry/bloodlines are vital to knowing if a puppy will be healthy, have the perfect temperament, be true to the confirmation of the breed.

Just take a quick look at the breeders outside of the United States who have at least thirty plus years involved with importing their foundation stock from Madagascar prior to 1992, you will be shocked at the true look of a Coton de Tulear compared to most Coton de Tulear puppies and adults you can find in the United States. How could one hundred plus breeders in the entire continent of Europe and other countries such as Finland, Argentina, Brazil, Sweden and Canada be wrong ? When they have the most time and involvement with the Coton de Tulear breed.


Disclaimer: This is a general explanation of our experiences with animals. We have been involved with the breed for many years [ since 1997 when we began researching the breed and acquired our first Coton de Tulear from Europe in 1999] . We have witnessed and personally seen the changes that have been made to this wonderful breed.

The breed does not need to be changed with reference to size, hair color, hair type or temperament. The Coton de Tulear is an amazing animal without becoming the next new designer breed. There are many resources on the internet about and for the breed.

We have an official letter sent to us from the President of the FCI in Europe, explaining the acceptance of the breed in 1970. We are more than willing to share this document with you.

Experience a good source of history and research is the best way to find the perfect breeder. Each person to his/her own desire as to what the new designer breed Cotons appearance, hair color and other characteristics of the Coton de Tulear really is.

Our faith is in the Europeans, who have well over thirty five years experience invested in the breed.

Below is a link to a Havanese breeder in Europe that shows all the different coat colors of the Havanese ---- take a look --- this is what a Coton de Tulear SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE !

Click here to see the coat colors of a HAVANESE ----
Cotons should never look like this with solid color
coats, these are not Coton de Tulears !


A designer puppy/dog parents are purebred dogs of different breeds. Example a Labradoodle, one parent is a registered Labrador Retriever, the other parent is a registered Poodle. The Labrador could be the sire or the dam. Most of the time the designer dog/puppy is an intentional breeding/mating, then times it is not. A non-designer breed is a puppy/dog resulting from a mating by accident, or total carelessness on behalf of the human owners of the dogs involved.

Breeders of designer puppies/dogs claim they are meeting the needs of a particular group of people, purebred breeders and clubs feel and believe that the trend is dangerous to all dogs.

Then the public must deal with unscrupulous breeders that claim they have pure bred Coton de Tulears scam the general public all the time with mixed bred puppies presented as full blooded Coton de Tulears. A Coton de Tulear does not have any other name --- other than Coton or Coton de Tulear --- PERIOD. The first red flag is a discounted puppy ---- Cotons are not for the weak of heart -- they are expensive and don't think you will be getting a rare breed puppy for a few hundred dollars -- it just won't happen. We have heard from many people over the years that have been scammed by breeders and individuals and the stories are heart breaking.

As a breeder expressed to me by telephone back in the late 1990's "the Coton de Tulear is a rare breed and they have not been available long enough to have health issues from line and in line breeding and mixed with other breeds to create a breed that resembles the Coton de Tulear breed".

The only advantage of designer dogs is the sheer volume of varieties available on the market today.

It is estimated that there are well over 300 different designer breeds/hybrids, which means there is designer breed for every taste. Most of these hybrid breeders claim that the breeds are created for good personality and adorability. Without a single thought involved regarding health, temperament, breed behaviors, etc.

Designer breeds are created to fit every need, pocket book size to low sheading types.

The offspring's of designer breeding presents issues with what each puppy will inherit, the personality, temperament of the sire or dam. In many situations one never knows, especially if the lineage of the parents has not been pure breed. 

Over the years we have rescued and adopted several mix bred dogs --- adults and puppies, but they can be a handful as you don't have a clue to their temperament as they mature.


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