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 Coton de Tulear Of Coton Cottage

            Exclusively European Bloodlines – For A Reason !         



FCI registered which can trace bloodlines to those Coton de Tulear ancestors imported into Europe by FCI breeders from Madagascar

Pronounced “Ko Tone Day Too-Le-Aire”

“the Coton de Tulear lights up a room when they walk in” ®


LITTER DUE IN EARLY MARCH 2018   937.248.5811

Come Visit Beautiful, Majestic — Sedona, Arizona When You Pick Up Your Coton de Tulear Puppy — Sedona Just Minutes Away From Our Doorstep !

This Is A Rare Breed – Please Serious Inquires Only

All Adoptions Without Breeding Rights

Delivery Available Via A Puppy Nanny — Not Cargo !

Our Coton de Tulear Puppies Registered With The ARBA [American Rare Breed Association]

Our Coton de Tulear [ now adults ] We Imported From:

Pronounced “Ko Tone Day Too-Le-Aire” 

  • Our babies have a wellness exam at six weeks of age, first injection of a series of injections needed to protect them against the normal illnesses that can make your puppy and young adult Coton very ill. 


  • Our mind set — we are “ethical, honest and trustworthy breeders and care givers of our Coton de Tulear” this is honest and natural behavior for us with our Coton’s. We do not share the idea that being a member of an exclusive Coton clubs makes you an above average breeder care giver of a Coton de Tulear. Our feelings —- these actions, demeanor and behavior comes naturally and not obtained by joining a Coton de Tulear club. Subsequently, we choose not to belong to any of the numerous Coton de Tulear clubs in the USA, as each has their own personal agenda for the breed each with different goals and vision for the breed — which we feel needs no changes.


  • Your puppy will be ready for his/her new home at 8.0-8.5 weeks of age.  After obtaining your puppy the puppy agreement/health agreement requires [ as most do ] that you take your puppy to a state licensed veterinarian for a review, at which time the puppy will receive the second puppy injection at 9 weeks of age during your first office visit with your veterinarian.

937.248.5811 [ Cell ]

  • We can’t stress enough that the buyer/new owner must be ready for a puppy in their/your lives.  A puppy is time consuming. You most be ready to spend quality time with a puppy.  Lack of or poor guidance, discipline, judgement on part of the owner — as the puppy can not be responsible if they are scared, cornered, feel pressured or are unsupervised.  As well, placed in a situation they have not been involved in before — become frightened by a new action or reaction by a human being — or subjected to loud noises and children screaming.  Remember for every action is a reaction — make the last interaction with your puppy [ by anyone ] be a positive experience — or there can be issues later.  As a puppy remembers the last reaction or scenario in his our her encounter with a human being.


  • Our puppies have never been subjected to surroundings of people with loud voices, yelling, or loud noise making of any kind — thus they will have negative behavior and it should be expected by the new parents. Puppies raised by us are highly socialized with adults, children and even our great grandson who is one year of age and they have daily interaction with our adult Cotons.   Additionally, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and trained in the TT [ Tellington Touch ] working with our puppies daily with energy work, making them relaxed, bonding well with humans, learning to know the touch of humans, nothing less than a positive experience.  We are are highly experienced in obedience training with Labrador Retrievers and rescued animals.  Between the two of us nearly 60 years of experience. Then I [Cayce] handled my Labs in the show ring, I was the owner/breeder/handler.  A photo of my son and our two Labs back in the early 1980’s.  A photo of a puppy we rescued in California in the mid 1970’s with us on the beach at Point Lobos, California.


  • The human hand should always be a positive action, contact and interaction with a puppy or dog of any age. We are constant and diligent supervisors with our puppies and adults.  We supervise the puppy and the contact made by humans.  Our babies are exposed to our laundry room, dish washer, vacuum cleaner, music and television, phones ringing, travel in a vehicle, doors in our home opening and closing, cars coming into our driveway, leaving our driveway.  We do not have them in a cloistered environment. Supplying guidance, attention, love and care for them [ the puppy and adults ] must be the number one concern.  Some people tell us we are over protective, that is our responsibility plain and simple.


  • Being a professional hobby breeder requires 24/7 care and availability towards your adults and puppies.  The breeder needs to be ready for any involvement in a split second — around the clock. Puppies can make noises of distress and it may be only that a puppy has become detached from his/her mother.  But you must be there to intervene and help/correct a situation causing the puppy to be in distress.  It can be a real issue at hand or a puppy is unable to find the chest of his/her mother. Plain and simple most of the time — what can sound like a real emergency normally is not anything close to the sound they are making.


  • Visitors Welcomed Only After Our Puppies Have Been Vaccinated For Parvo At Six Weeks Of Age Please Read These Web Sites Below About Parvo  – It Is A Death Sentence For A Puppy And At Times For A Mature Dog Of Any Breed. 

Cotons In Our Lives Since 1999

Coton de Tulear accepted into the FCI [ Federation Cynologique Internationale Kennel Club]  in 1970

 Our Cotons Eat Holistic All Natural Dog Food


937.248.5811 Text too !!

  Feel free to call — let’s talk about COTON’S !!!

Pronounced “Ko Tone Day Too-Le-Aire” 

  • Puppies go to our state licensed veterinarian at six weeks of age to receive their first puppy injection and wellness exam.  The subsequent injection needed at 9, 12, 15 weeks are the responsibility of the new owners.  We begin training the puppies at 6.0 weeks of age to go outside to potty, we never use pee pads or any artificial form of house breaking. 


  • Puppies go to their new home with new toys, a new unused puppy harness and leash.  NuVet vitamins, our lifetime support. The items are with the puppy and Dam since the puppies birth in a cloth mess bag near their whelping area.


  • Healthy, Health Tested, Yearly Health Evaluations – Testings – Injections, Socialized, Excellent Temperaments.

The Coton de Tulear was banned from exporting from the island of Madagascar in 1992 due to the threat of extinction. Europeans have had the breed in their individual countries since 1950’s, if not earlier.  Our Coton de Tulear have blood lines from Madagascar.  Keep in mind that France’s presence in the western Indian Ocean dates to the early seventeenth century. The French established a settlement in southern Madagascar in 1634 and occupied the islands of Reunion and Rodriguez.  The French recognized the Coton de Tulear many years ago.  Written history about Madagascar in the 17th century mentions the small dog resembling a fox —  with short legs living in the wild.  Merchant ships traveled to and from Madagascar and Spain for many years.

In the 17th century Sir Etienne de Flacourt [1607-1660] the French governor of Madagascar, born in Orleans in 1607, he was named the governor of Madagascar by the French East Indian Company in 1648. Sir de Flacourt was a governor, historian and surveyor in Madagascar. In the 17th century Sir de Flacourt wrote about the dogs he saw in Madagascar “there are a lot of dogs that are small with a long nose and short legs, they look like foxes, some are white, some have small patches of mild color, the dogs are used for hunting the wild pigs”.  Sir de Flacourt wrote a book in 1658 “Historie de la grande isle de Madagascar” first edition 1658, 2nd edition 1661.



 The FCI Is The Worlds Largest Canine Organization

Hello — if  you are interested in a pure bred, healthy, happy and well adjusted from birth Coton de Tulear puppy please feel free to call or write to us.  We service the entire USA, offer delivery of our Coton de Tulear puppies to an international airport near your home/location by a puppy nanny.  Reference available upon request to those who have a serious interest in our Coton de Tulear puppies.   Photos and bloodlines supplied to interested parties, we only allow adoptions to non breeding homes.  Life time support and over 50 years combined experience in show, handling, agility, obedience with dogs and owning and raising farm animals.  

Our goal is to bred healthy, highly intelligent, excellent temperament Coton de Tulear.  As as well, meeting the confirmation/standard of the breed according to the FCI which accepted the breed in 1970.  Producing Coton de Tulear puppies, again that are highly socialized, intelligent with superior temperaments — lastly with great beauty that they possess both inside and out.  We do not possess any interest,  nor do we condone making changes to this already perfect breed in any manner, such as the solid coat colors and changing the size of the breed.   Not everyone can be a ethical breeder.


Puppies care factor increases profoundly beginning shortly after birth.  There is no fixed hours when working and nurturing the dam and puppies.

Devotion and an unlimited budget for expenses is necessary.  


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