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We are hobby breeders, strictly involved with Cotons for the love and desire to keep the Coton de Tulear as it was discovered in Madagascar.  This is all about the breed nothing else.

Excellent disclosure of  "what is a hobby breeder ?" -- click here.

Not a kennel or puppy mill, no dog runs or out buildings for our Cotons. And we only have Cotons, no other breed of dog.

We have over seventy-five years combined experience with dogs, in the show ring, agility, obedience and trial and farm animals.  Our home is in the country near Dayton, Ohio.

Our home is occupied by three wonderful full time companions -- our Coton de Tulears.

My great grandparents, grandparents and of course my parents had Labs in the house and on the farm as far back as I can remember. 

I started in show, obedience and agility with our Labs in the late 1970's.  There are many memories that I carry with me each and every day from the experiences with our animals.

Certification/attunements in Reiki [ Master/Teacher ], Scheim [ Master/Teacher ] and the Tellington Touch, which is used with the puppies and our adult Cotons daily.  

Our journey began with the Coton de Tulear in 1999 when we began research for a breed, that was smaller than the Lab but possessing the intelligence, love and devotion like the Labrador.

After more than two years of intense research, communicating with breeders around the world and visiting breeders in the United States, talking/researching with breeders, we found it impossible to locate a breeder that imported their foundation stock.  The breed is rare and subsequently must be imported, since their homeland is Madagascar and have been in Europe and other countires since the 1950's or even earlier. Over all some thing just did not feel right when we tried working with breeders.  How did this rare breed make it into the United States and then not be related, we always asked about how many non related blood lines were in the USA, the majority of the time the breeders could not give us an answer.

Then we devoted our attention to breeders in Europe and other countries.  During our search and looking at breeding Cotons in the United States we found adult Cotons from 5 pounds to as much as 30 pounds.  We knew that the breed was being mixed with other breeds.  That fact alone made us very fearful of buying from a Coton breeder in the United States.  

Cotons are rare and expensive to locate with show and breeding rights, finding non related Cotons is huge endeavor.  That is why so many breeders in the United States have mixed the breed with Havanese, Poodle, Bichon Frise and Yorkies as they are not concerned about the breed and don't want to invest the time and the money necessary to keep the breed pure.  That is why the size range is so drastic and the coats vary in color and texture.  When a breeder tells me that their Coton has "silky hair" I know it is not a Coton de Tulear.  The Coton de Tulear hair should be "like cotton" no silky texture at all.  That is a huge indicator that the Coton they are referring to is not full blooded.  

Then a few breeders we met opened up to us when we asked about the imported blood lines, where the lineages originated in their kennels.  Discovering,  breeders in the USA failed to prove their Coton de Tulear  lineage to be pure.

Then we encountered the "tall" Coton de Tulear being sold in the United States and no where else in the world.  Tall Cotons are unheard of in Europe, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Argentina, Brazil.  And Coton de Tulears that are solid black and solid brown in color are unheard of in these countries as well.  This is what triggered us to only consider importing.   No other countries in the world have Coton de Tulears that are solid black or brown, they do have tri color puppies but the coat fades as they mature, possessing a white base coat from birth with shades of tan or gray into their adult years.
First we needed to find a breeder outside of the United States that was willing to work with Americans.  Breeders of Cotons in other countries are not willing to work with Americans due to all the mixing of the breed here in the United States.  Which we totally understood their feelings and still do to this day.  We can appreciate their fear of their exceptional blood lines being bred with mix breed dogs, that is a huge problem.

Our dogs live with us full time, we do not have dog runs or kennel.  The county where we live we are only allowed four pets.  Our Cotons receive full health exams yearly, checking heart, blood, eyes, etc.  We don't skip any health exams.

All injections are current, de-worming is current.  Plus we feed an all natural homeopathic dry dog food and give NuVet tabs daily.  We use homeopathic teatments for fleas and ticks, we do not use the topical insecticides.  The topical neck applications are known to cause seizures and death.


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