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Hello !   We are hobby breeders, retired from our careers twenty years ago.  We discovered the Coton de Tulear in 1997 and by 1999 imported one female from Europe.  At that time our friends and family wanted a Coton too —- so here we are today.   Prior to the Coton de Tulear we always had a Labrador in our home and  life.  But with retirement and not wanting to wrestle with the physical needs of a Lab we decided to look for a smaller breed of dog with the intelligence, loyalty and devotion of the Labrador.  Our young Lab “Codie” had rectal cancer at three years of age, which was devastating.  Thus, the Coton de Tulear is in our lives instead. For three years we did rescue work on our own with small breeds to help animals but to give us a keen insight as to the behavior of small breeds, their health. Within two months we realized that small breeds are overwhelmed with health issues, skin problems, breathing problems, digestion issues, very poor quality teeth and ongoing dental issues.  We rescued and purchased many dogs from commercial breeders, unscrupulous breeders and back yard breeders who had no idea what that were doing.  We have far to many sad experiences and to this day fail to share them with anyone because they are horrible. That experience was a huge lesson in life for us. But we loved the work.

480.432.2326 – or Cell 937.248.5811

What Is A  Hobby Breeder ?

  • Belongs to kennel clubs and organization for the breed they represent
  • Pedigree/registrations of the Sire and Dam puppies are filled with Champions and higher awards
  • The breeder [s] never mates Cotons that do not have legal registration  
  • The breeder[s] support rescue groups, clubs and other breeders with efforts to cease over population, knowing that every now and then a puppy they have placed with an individual or family will fall through the cracks due to divorce and family crisis
  • A Hobby Breeder should have knowledge in every area of the breed, being health problems, defects; research genetics when choosing their foundation stock
  • The Hobby breeder educates or offers unlimited guidance regarding house breaking, socialization, health; and is always reading and updating their knowledge of the breed
  • This Hobby Breeder will always be willing to offer references to buyers who are seriously interested in adopting a Coton de Tulear puppy from this breeder
  • Hobby Breeder will always know their Cotons ancestry
  • A Hobby Breeder will collect information and keep records of each puppy and their health information
  • A true Hobby Breeder only breds to improve the Coton de Tulear both in his bloodlines and in the breed
  • Hobby Breeders breds for quality and not quantity
  • Breeding only show/breed quality Coton de Tulears, which are not pet quality, they must be as true to perfect/100% to confirmation of the breed established by the FCI
  • Breeder strives to have Cotons close to 100% show/breeding quality, excellent temperament
  • Puppies always adopted with a health guarantee
  • Requires puppies or adult Cotons returned, mentioned as first right of refusal in health contract
  • The dogs are highly socialized, trained and friendly
  • Follow the limits of dog ownership in the area that they reside
  • Cotons all have dog license in the county where we reside
  • Raising puppies indoors, no dog runs or storage facility/kennel for animals
  • We live with our animals full time
  • Feeding only premium dog food, holistic dry dog food Life’s Abundance
  • Visitors are limited when we have puppies to prevent Parvo or other air borne diseases to come onto our property. Using bleach and safe cleaning products daily
  • Test puppies with the Campbell’s test
  • Honestly evaluate puppies
  • We never sell to impulse buyers
  • Interviews prospective new parents for the puppies
  • We seek adoptions to new parents that offer a life long homes
  • Allowing adoptions to those that can afford normal health care, estimated for any breed of dog to be around $1400.00 per year
  • New parent[s] understands that dogs are “pack” animals; selling to buyers wanting to make a puppy an indoor dog and part of their family
  • Puppies must be spay or neutered
  • We encourage new parent[s] to continue with the procedures we have in place with reference to house breaking, feeding, wire cage training
  • We make sure that buyers understand a puppies need for their time, attention, exercise and simple training
  • Obedience training is not necessary with the Coton de Tulear

480.432.2326 – or – Cell 937.248.5811


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