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The Coton de Tulear IS NOT A DESIGNER BREED !   The Coton de Tulear is a breed recognized by the FCI, UKC, ARBA and recently the AKC. 

The first kennel club to recognize the Coton de Tulear was the FCI of Europe in 1970.

Many people think the Coton de Tulear is a designer breed — far from the truth.

A designer puppy/dogs parents are purebred dogs of different breeds. Example a Labradoodle, one parent is a registered Labrador Retriever, the other parent is a registered Poodle. The Labrador could be the sire or the dam. Most of the time the designer dog/puppy is an intentional breeding/mating, then times it is not. A non-designer breed is a puppy/dog resulting from a mating by accident, or total carelessness on behalf of the human owners of the dogs involved.

Breeders of designer puppies/dogs claim they are meeting the needs of a particular group of people. Purebred breeders and clubs feel and believe that the trend is dangerous to all dogs.

Then the public must deal with unscrupulous breeders that claim they have pure bred Coton de Tulears scam the general public all the time with mixed bred puppies presented as full blooded Coton de Tulears. A Coton de Tulear does not have any other name — other than Coton or Coton de Tulear — PERIOD. The first red flag is a discounted puppy —- Cotons are not for the weak of heart — they are expensive and don’t think you will be getting a rare breed puppy for a few hundred dollars — it just won’t happen. We have heard from many people over the years that have been scammed by breeders and individuals and the stories are heart breaking.  All we can do is listen and tell the family to move on and enjoy the animal they adopted.

As a breeder expressed to me by telephone back in the late 1990’s “the Coton de Tulear is a rare breed and they have not been available long enough to have health issues from line and in line breeding and mixed with other breeds to create a breed that resembles the Coton de Tulear”.

The only advantage of designer dogs is the sheer volume of varieties available on the market today.

We have owned a number of beloved mix breed/rescued dogs over the years and they have a special place in our hearts – but dealing with bad temperaments and behavioral problems was a constant issue, but a good education for us.

It is estimated that there are well over 300 different designer breeds/hybrids, which means there is designer breed for every taste. Most of these hybrid breeders claim that the breeds are created for good personality and being adorable. Without a single thought involved regarding health, temperament, breed behaviors, etc.

Designer breeds are created to fit every need, pocket book size to low shedding types.

The offspring’s of designer breeding presents issues with what each puppy will inherit, the personality, temperament of the sire or dam. In many situations one never knows, especially if the lineage of the parents has not been pure breed.

Over the years we have rescued and adopted several mix bred dogs — adults and puppies, they can be a handful as you don’t have a clue to their temperament as they mature.  But we still loved them dearly.

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