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Our two new girls are from Belgium and they will be finishing their health testing soon and will be involved in our hobby breeding program later this year. They are of excellent European bloodlines and have developed into wonderful, healthy, highly social and sweet young girls.  Pepper is never meets a stranger is never anything short of being happy, always alert.  Ready for love and attention any time you are willing to supply it to her, otherwise she is often at my feet or my husbands. Her litter sister Poppy, as well is highly socialized, always a companion, loves to spend time with me in the rocking chair on our front patio, as long as I am rocking she is next to me or on my lap. An excellent companion — light heart-ed and shows her happiness by doing what all Cotons do “go around in circles” at our feet.

Will soon be posting new photos of Poppy and Pepper.

Adult Female Coton de Tulear We Imported From Europe

  Our Three Females [ all imported from Europe] Are Health Tested, Blood Work Completed Yearly, Physicals yearly, Joints, Eyes, Heart, Blood Testing, Dual Registered

 Lineage filled with European Champion, European International Champions

 Interested please call or write

[ Cell ] 937.248.5811 — 480.432.2326

 We have 3 Adult Female Coton de Tuelar’s In Our Breeding Program All Imported From Europe With FCI Registration and Pedigree With Show and Breeding Rights




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