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Our goal is to find responsible, conscientious individuals or families for a life long commitment and home for a Coton de Tulear. Searching for the parties that will care for and nurture a Coton for their lifetime.  Offering love, guidance and veterinarian check ups, inoculations and medical care as needed.

Adoption is a serious commitment for the life time of the Coton de Tulear.

Our Cotons are involved with pet therapy, K-9 Assistants, NSAR Service Dogs and in commercials for a well known resort in Sedona.

We want to provide to the approved home, a pure blooded strictly European champion and international champion imported blood line Coton de Tulear from exceptional well researched, healthy, intelligent parents possessing exquisite temperaments and personalities.

Composed of lineages from imported sire and dam with Cartoonland of France, Cotonbrie of Italy, Woodland Cottage of Spain, Blue Moon Cottage, Klenot Toliary and other world renown Coton de Tulear kennels of Europe, known for their world class Coton de Tulear’s. Proudly we can say that we do not possess any American Coton de Tulear bloodlines. Reason for this statement is that we found through our own personal research and discoveries, hands on and in person —- the large number of American Coton de Tulear lines mixed with Havanese to create solid coat colors of black, solid brown, solid tan, then puppies with white boots/feet with solid coat colors other than white. These colors do not fade as the Coton de Tulear matures. This is a huge red flag and a reason for concern.

Sad to say we have seen mixtures of Yorkies, Maltese, Bichon Frise, with Cotons.  As well,  as other small breeds in an attempt to downsize the Coton de Tulear structure, while doing so changes the entire genetic make up of the Coton de Tulear. There is nothing wrong with a mixed breed canine, have had our share of them over the years and we enjoyed each and every one of them, loved them dearly.

With a designer breed or mixed breed, you must be willing to attend obedience classes and face behavioral issues that typically are not known in the Coton de Tulear world. This is the reason why we decided a long time ago to always import our foundation stock. Our vision for the short and long term goals are to strive to improve the Coton de Tulear,  providing years of companionship and love to a family of one or ten. Obtaining these goals with only one or two litters yearly, as hobby breeders. Health is our number one concern, then we place confirmation, temperament and socialization all in second place. Thank you for considering our beautiful, healthy, loving, highly socialized Coton de Tulear puppy to be a part of your life and in your family. A elderly Coton de Tulear breeder in Europe told us in 1998 that the best advise she can give me about the Coton de Tulear “the breed is rare and don’t expect to find a Coton de Tulear —cheap, they are like a expensive limited edition sports car — you don’t look for a new Porsche in a Ford dealership”. Her statement has stuck with me all these years. Thank you for visiting.




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