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Pet vs. Show Quality


Most people that contact us are looking for a “pet quality” Coton de Tulear.

What does “pet quality really mean” ?

I first ask if they are looking for a puppy with 100% to confirmation of the breed, are they willing to show the puppy as he/she matures and then in the adult years.  Because so many people want show/breeding quality but are not willing to pay the costs for the best of the best.  Though I would say that the majority of our Cotons are born with breeding and show quality standards.  Our Cotons are sold/adopted with a spay/neuter agreement as we do not want to be over populating the breed — and there are many accidents that happen when people are not prepared for a mature male or developed female when it becomes their time to reproduce.  The females will seek a male, they are no different than the male seeking a female.

For some reason people think that “pet quality” means a puppy is cheaper.  In a way they are correct, but the show/breeding quality is more expensive than the “pet quality”.

No matter the breed each has their own standards and confirmation to be identified as that “certain breed”.  Many people look past that and prefer the designer breeds and don’t really know if they are getting a pure bred dog or not.

This breed if pure bred possess a wonderful temperament, are very intelligent and are true companion animals.

A show dog/puppy stands out early on with a breeder, their movement when they start to walk, they way they carry themselves.

For the show ring the puppy/Coton must have a perfect “bite”, also known as teeth alignment.  Tri color is acceptable, but in the show ring white, white and crème and slight tri color are accepted.  But most recently within the United States the UKC has refused to register and recognize the tri color Coton de Tulear, subsequently — we no longer register with the UKC.

When you purchase a puppy from an ethical breeder, you are paying for the breeders time, excellent breeding sire and dam, prior breeders involved with the sire and dam — their kennel, registry, titles and healthy bloodlines.  If from a puppy mill or pet store the puppy has had very little contact with humans and in some cases may never have spent more time that it takes for a person to feed and give water to an animal — that is their only contact – period.

We spend time with our puppies from birth until the day they depart our care.  They are highly socialized, have interacted with our adult Cotons, people, traveled in the car numerous times, have the early training to go outside to potty.  The extra time spent with the puppies by adults has a huge positive impact on the behavior and development of the puppy and makes the transition to a new home much easier.


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