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1. We highly recommend the Mason-Pearson Nylon Detangler Brush and Comb [disclaimer — we do not receive any commission or profit from the sales of this brush this is just a recommendation based on our hands on experience for a more than a decade of use ]

Mason-Pearson Nylon Detangler Brush and CombThese are expensive, today they can be  purchased in the $100.00 – $125.00 range. But  well worth the initial investment. Our brush and comb we purchased in 1999 and it is used daily and in some cases several times each day. We have three adult Cotons and each day we are working on one of the adults or grooming them. The comb and brush give you 100% satisfaction and ease with combing and brushing. The brush can be found online with varies suppliers.

Cutting The Hair Of The Coton de Tulear

The hair of the Coton de Tulear acts as an insulator from the heat and cold.  Additionally, it provides protection to their slightly pink and light gray freckled skin. We do not suggest cutting the Coton de Tulear shorter than down to 2 inches in length. The coat/hair texture will change when cut short, especially when cut shorter than 2 inches in total length. Many years ago a breeder in Europe told us that “if you want to ruin the Coton de Tulears hair just cut it”. We learned that is a fact. We do not cut or trim the coat of our Cotons, simply because we love the texture of the hair and the beauty of the overall appearance of the Coton de Tulear. As well the breed possess a pink-ish freckled skin and as we discovered their skin will burn from the sun even in the cooler eastern climate. Often we tell people if you want a short haired dog look into another breed. Just our opinion and position when looking at this beautiful breed why change their normal general beautiful and regal  appearance.

2. Cedar Oil Spray

[disclaimer — we do not receive any commission or profit from the sales of Cedar-Al this is just a recommendation based on our hands on experience for a more than a decade of use ]

cedar oilUsed instead of topical pest/insect treatments.
We have used the spray instead of the prescription drugs and insecticides that most people place on their dogs or give orally. Years ago we were introduced to a veterinarian that was totally homeopathic [ in the state of Nevada ], she told us the do’s and don’t with using the RX treatments, she explained that many dogs have been seriously injured, suffered seizures, became hospitalized, deathly ill, even death occurred with using these insecticide treatments. The veterinarian introduced us to cedar oil all natural spray. We have used it since 1997. Love it and like the idea that it is safe, natural and has no side effects. This is just a suggestion, we do not recommend that you use cedar oil spray instead of the RX your vet prescribes to your pet/s. It is a matter of choice. We weighed the pros and cons and a decision was reached that our Cotons at any age would not be introduced to the harsh chemicals in the RX treatments and we started using Cedar Oil. Our experience has been totally positive with the Cedar-Al products. We use the spray, then the shampoo in the summer months.

3. Treats and feeding

We have a belief system and have personally found that most dog foods are poorly manufactured, contain contaminated by-products and even plastic. These foods have frequent recalls and these are top shelf, expensive highly advertised dog foods. Weekly we watch the FDA web site for dog food and there are times when it is shocking and difficult to understand how these companies can get away with poisoning our animal population — and never skip a beat in their daily production of tainted food and food products. Our Cotons receive dehydrated sweet potatoes as treats.  Life’s Abundance is a holistic dry dog food, we have been serving it to our Cotons for many years. Cotons love fruit and vegetables. 

See the FDA web site at

4. Food Alert !



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